Important Notice for Pool Season 2020:


In an effort to address consistent deficiencies in pool safety compliance data provided on pool permit applications, the following procedures are being implemented for the upcoming pool season 2020:

1.      A complete and accurate application with pool safety compliance data is required for all facilities. Incomplete applications will not be processed and will be returned to sender.

2.      Please follow the instructions provided on the application and submit electronically.

3.      Do not rely on pre-existing documentation for accurate data. It is the responsibility of the CPO to ensure complete and accurate data for safety compliance.

4.      If you are unable to provide accurate information, you may hire a consultant or registered design professional to assist you in preparing your application.

5.      During an inspection, if the EHS observes equipment that is not listed or does not match the equipment listed on the application, then no Operation Permit will be issued.

6.      If your permit is denied, then a new application must be submitted with the correct safety compliance data and a re-inspection fee paid before a re-inspection of the facility.


Thank you for your assistance in this matter. We look forward to a successful upcoming pool season!